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What affects the battery life of electric vehicles?

What affects the battery life of electric vehicles?

Nowadays, battery technology is still developing, but it is not easy to make a technical breakthrough. If you can improve the performance of electric vehicles from other aspects, you still need to look at the battery heating.

First of all, the genes are good. The current heating system of all fuel vehicles is a plumbing heater. The workflow of the two is the same, except that the heat source of the engine is replaced with a PTC plumbing heater. This inheritance relationship can save the existing models. The cost of becoming an electric car. And the effect is similar.

Secondly, the BMS advantage, with the PTC plumbing heater, you can put the water channel into the battery box, one can keep warm in winter, and the other can heat in summer. Because of the special road conditions in most cities in the summer, you know, so waterproof is very important. The battery needs heat dissipation in the summer and heating in the winter. This contradiction can be solved by plumbing.

Next is security considerations and layout. PTC plumbing heaters, because they flow through the evaporator to dissipate heat, do not need to be inserted into the air conditioning assembly, can be installed in other locations, and domestic and foreign technology is also beginning to think about lightweight, miniaturized, intelligent development. As for safety, the PTC heater has been removed from the air conditioning assembly. There is no hidden danger of melting the air duct. The temperature of the antifreeze is the water temperature mentioned earlier. It has a boiling point, which is natural temperature protection. PTC plumbing heaters have excellent protection, temperature control and mechanical protection and program control double insurance, safety is naturally at a higher level.

This is why foreign giants are looking at the plumbing heaters.

Look at the development of domestic electric vehicle heaters.

For a variety of reasons, PTC air heaters are mainly used in China. As for the PTC plumbing heater, Taizhou Decheng Electric Co., Ltd. has independently developed the product, and the product has been upgraded to the fourth generation. It has also begun to engage with domestic large-scale car companies and further develop the latest products suitable for lead-acid electric vehicles.

Either way, by using a large electric resistance to generate heat, the power consumption is large. To this end, various vendors are taking various countermeasures. For example, the i-MiEV has a "MAX" switch on the air conditioner. If you do not press this button, the cooling and heating air conditioner will not operate at full capacity, thus reducing power consumption.

Although the manufacturer has taken a variety of countermeasures, the driving distance of electric vehicles using heating and air conditioning will still be greatly reduced. For example, when the i-MiEV is driving in the urban area, if the air-conditioning life distance is up to 120km, the cruising range is reduced to 100km when using the cooling air conditioner, and it is reduced to 80km when using the heating air conditioner.

If the driving distance of the heating and air conditioning is reduced to half, then to drive the same distance as when there is no air conditioning, either increase the energy density of the battery by one time or increase the heating efficiency of the heater. Is it the same value as the battery energy density can be doubled? Isn't electric car heater an important development issue?

By the way, when the author puts a suggestion to the automaker's technicians that "can use a heat pump" to save money, the answer is that "there is no way to use it" in the cold zone where the heater is most needed. Are technicians willing to challenge the development of new heaters?

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